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09. September 2018 kindness, parenting 4

Today is Sunday; I’m recovering from the flu or seasonal allergies. No need to see a doctor. However, I am not sleeping well. Having trouble getting a niece out of mind. About ten years ago, she influenced two very young loved ones through drugs, alcohol, lewd repulsive… pedophile secrets. Probably believes my reaction is mute. If anything makes sense, what she allowed is repulsive. In fear of exposure, prison, dying, she took her baby and ran off with a child rapist. Disgusted, blaming anyone else will never make amends.

Three years ago, my mother discretely revealed the mystery. Sudden silence filled the air. My child had kept this¬† secret for five years while I was wondering “where did I go wrong”. Time heals but ugly scars remain. Lesson learned: Life is a battlefield that is worth fighting for. Rising above it, the priority is in forward thinking.

Yes, forgiveness is fine and dandy. The devastation lingers though. Evidently, there are neurological damages; the aftermath still affects the reasoning of two victims. The anxiety, the depression, the emotional conflict persists into adult lives. I’m simply an observer. Expect no sugar-coated sympathy from me ever!

People should learn to appreciate life before hitting rock bottom. We do care! Not sure how to care in such a way that leads to improvement. Addictive personalities are challenged to live. My suggestion: Seek divine help; yet, be warned.¬† Very few are fortunate to ever find contentment in what life is. By harming people, including ourselves, with vengeful, spiteful and vindictive animosity, guess what? Expect nothing beneficial to occur. We all have the right to remain hopeless. Yet, with all due respect, when forgiveness is mentioned, honesty is highly recommend. Another suggestion: Stop being the perverted bat out of hell that you’ve been. Until then, get out of my way.



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    Aunt Sharon on September 16, 2018 Reply

    The guilt trip:
    These emotions have been tucked away for nearly 10 years. Yet, pitching a guilt trip is an awful way to deal with it. Of course I love my niece. I want to hear good reports about her existence. I want to hear that she has found better influences instead of stepping backwards. That’s all folks!

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      Season on September 16, 2018 Reply

      There are mistakes that are best off left out and learned from. Move forward with better intent!

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    Season on September 12, 2018 Reply

    If child protective services of N.C. knew any of this, perhaps , they could have informed the parents. Instead, everything was hush, hush about it. Shut up, sit down, be quiet is the response I gathered. Eventually, the child informed her mom; but the mom was still sorting through all the scapegoated deception. The words had to come from a reliable source and even then, an unspoken warning:

    “Loose lips sink ships.” Wicked people will receive rewards for turning away from wickedness. Even the heathen knows right from wrong. Harm nobody. Even our thoughts are our in the open before the throne of grace. Greater joy is in Heaven over one sinner with a repentant heart.

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    Season on September 12, 2018 Reply

    There is a pure and perfect love; evil cannot pretend to be welcome there.
    Its walls have stealthy barriers; only the pure in spirit can find this place
    …and cherish the peace within. [SSS, 2018]

    May we all CHIME IN!

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