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Yoga is one of many physical therapies. It is a way to communicate with our body. When there is pain, for instance, the body says to take it easy, pamper yourself, keep going and gently work out the sore spots. In spite of religious hoopla over yoga’s ancient origin, self-awareness during physical activities is a healthy practice for living quality.

…with an open mind, it is possible to learn something meaningful from other cultures.

This journal is about therapies I use for aches and pains. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health is usually beyond what earthly doctors can solve. Yoga, for instance, is a therapeutic remedy that can be experienced alone. It helps in toning to fortify the body, mind, and spirit. Levels depend on how serious your nature is. Degrees of seriousness compared to other physical routines, yoga has a warning for extreme personality types. In all due respect, there are no rules for healing; all supernatural aspects of yoga is individual choice.

Stefanie Syman, The Subtle Body (2010) points out that yoga has “spiritual roots in Hinduism and Buddhism,” ” [a] practice once seen as so exotic and even dangerous.” —Dr. Albert Mohler (2010).

Competitive minded people may take yoga to extremes. Although I was blessed with a noncompetitive spirit, there is something to learn from ancient cultures without being a critic. Overlooking any seriousness, yoga is defined as “mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India.” The most serious thing I can do with it is stick to a routine and know my limitations.

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