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My youngest grandson, Wygee, is nearly six. He’s been watching a whole lot of Yellow Bird on YouTube lately. I’m Gammy but you can call me Dunum. Yeah, leave it all up to a bad grand’ma to let YouTube babysit; you know you have to keep the peace. Yellow Bird changed their name to Orange Bird, including Clumsy Bird. There’s an old song by the Mills Brothers called Yellow Bird.

The Problem

Wygee must’ve been awfully bored around here entertaining his self. There’s a stack of his art that’s almost 1″ thick. Mainly sketches of Fire Safety with Roy and Orange Bird; a quarter inch has earned refrigerator art status. Recently the child’s voice changed to a high-pitched alien jargon. Spending far too much time with the orange, yellow, clumsy bird ball that never says a word, the character simply makes whinny noise.


Music therapy! Natural sounds of the great outside world with real birds communicating could also help. Later!

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