Prayer Answer

05. June 2019 kindness, parenting 1
Started a fundraiser effort with the help of Facebook. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg! Daughter paid her rent. Now it’s back to square one. Mechanical failure in the rain, my son-in-law had an accident yesterday 2019-6-23. Single vehicle crash. Sadly in need of assistance again. Sad to be helpless. Even more sad is expecting people to ...

Emotional intellect

19. May 2019 kindness 0
EI (Emotional Intelligence) involves unselfishness acknowledgement in others. Emotion is an instinct, a reaction, “or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge” (Dictionary). Often associated with “mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation” (Wikipedia). It takes an effort to train ourselves to see emotions other people have. Even more effort to control our own. Anger ...

Crochet Windmill

23. April 2019 hobbies 0
Twenty-eight years ago I received my March, 1991 issue of Decorative Crochet. Much to my delight, I ran across it today. A little crinkled but that’s okay. The Windmill pattern is still legible: Optical Illusion by Maumi Sato pages 10, 11.