Love enemies

30. March 2022 therapies 0
A most difficult command, \"Love your enemies\", \"Bless those who curse you\" and making sense of why it\'s vital to do so.


15. February 2022 wisdom 0
It’s way too easy to be judgemental toward others. Some folks do this to deflect from their own flaws. I’m addicted to nicotine and coffee. Someone else I know and love is most likely breaking an even more harmful addiction. How do I know this? Well, I do realize how powerful a fervent prayer can ...

Heat lamp

14. February 2022 therapies 0
When the neighbor gave us two ferrets, they included a 250 watt heat lamp with them. It’s a simple clamp on lamp that’s mainly used for brooding baby chicks. They can be a fire hazard if used willy-nilly. It gets extremely hot! Potentially 400° Fahrenheit hot. The same lamps are used to keep food warm ...