27. April 2021 careers, parenting, wisdom 0
Growing up with less taught me to appreciate abundant playfulness. Today, I’m not financially wealthy. I’m not even working and still being blessed daily by making the best of what I have to play with. Been out of the work force for a decade and hope to chime in without being rooted out so soon. ...

Self sufficient

Relying on other people for *character can be disappointing. As a child, I wandered the woods for solitude. Quality time has developed my individuality—personality is what I struggled with. Then, I felt unimportant. Today, I’m still unimportant. The main difference is the developed sense of myself. One of my peers went so far as to ...


08. February 2019 careers, therapies 0
Working on an eBook as a self-publisher is therapy. Using Sigil, Calibre, LibreOffice, these three open source tools are amazing. Writing is therapeutic! So far, the progress is going very well. I’m managing backup copies including progress with a bulleted list of notes. Learning to use the tools, tips, and features is good for my ...

Bargello quilt progress

02. September 2018 careers, therapies 0
Auto and home repairs are sucking the life out of our funds. Once this is finished, I’m hoping to sell my designer bargello quilt to help out and perhaps buy more material. I’ve recently learned that designer patterns are also a potential business endeavor.