03. July 2020 hobbies, therapies 2
Beading can be therapeutic. Here’s some feathers on a twisted rope beading endeavor learned by watching YouTube channels. Apologies for the foggy photos. Didn’t get much rest for a couple days. Anyway, besides the feathers, color therapy is helping tremendously. Frustration My all-in-one Lenovo computer overheats and shuts off randomly. The temperature rise is an ...

Beading therapy

23. May 2020 hobbies, therapies 0
Here is the tubular even-count peyote stitch. The technique is not demonstrated. I’m using a chop stick with simplistic tools. The bangle circling the yellow fish bead scoop was completed recently.

Bead therapy

12. November 2019 hobbies 0
Bead therapy
professionally knot pearls or beads using an EZ Knotting tool. Pearls are traditionally knotted [with] a knot in between each pearl so they won\'t rub [...] and if they break, you may lose only one pearl.