Dr Tony Evans

13. February 2022 health, kindness 0
Today’s inbox message for everyone: Become an Ambassador of Kindness Dear Friend,   Our culture has become contaminated and saturated with hatred, racism, meanness and a host of other expressions of contempt. And like a bad virus, it’s spreading through our society.   But it’s time for kingdom people like you and me to start ...


23. October 2020 hobbies, kindness 1
The other day I finished my bargello quilt. It took nearly six years to do this. That’s the day I pitched perfection out the window. I had two days in a row of me time to do something meaningful. Quilted on an ordinary brother machine and the border is on it too. A few flaws ...


24. May 2020 kindness, wisdom 0
Writing is therapeutic. It helps sort out solutions. To keep life simple, some of my journals are protected. Perhaps one day we will laugh at own mistakes as well as to have learned from others.