Therapy pets

31. October 2017 pet therapy 2
The neighbor gave us their pet ferrets, Angel and Rebel. The female, Angel, is much smaller. I’ve offered boiled egg, they’re not interested. The dry morsels go quickly. They have harness and a long leash for activities. Both can escape the harness if they want. Easy to catch and very amusing. [foogallery id=”633″]

Aquarium spa

08. March 2017 hobbies, pet therapy 2
Couldn’t resist a beta splendens in a fish bowl yesterday (March 6, 2017). Watching this fish is so relaxing. He simply moves around so slowly and has such a beautiful blue iridescent color. I’ve kept them alive like this for years. Soon as I introduced them to community aquatics (30 gallon) they got bullied to ...