Bubble Wall

Aquarium bubble wall, 20 gallon Top Fin: The set up was easy enough. I wanted the 35 gallon but that sold out too fast. These bubbles worked great for the first month. Not sure how to maintain it since it has slowed down a bunch. This starter kit includes a hang on back filter (HOB) ...

Love enemies

30. March 2022 therapies 0
A most difficult command, \"Love your enemies\", \"Bless those who curse you\" and making sense of why it\'s vital to do so.

Heat lamp

14. February 2022 therapies 0
When the neighbor gave us two ferrets, they included a 250 watt heat lamp with them. It’s a simple clamp on lamp that’s mainly used for brooding baby chicks. They can be a fire hazard if used willy-nilly. It gets extremely hot! Potentially 400° Fahrenheit hot. The same lamps are used to keep food warm ...

Cory catfish

13. December 2021 therapies 0
Got all excited over hatching a few corydora catfish eggs. Watched ’em dash around like tiny tadpoles in a vase. Added the gentle flow of an air stone. The water level was only half way up. However, I couldn’t resist fussing over them so I poured the water into a fish bowl. Oops, there’s no ...