Bargello quilt progress

02. September 2018 careers, therapies 0
Auto and home repairs are sucking the life out of our funds. Once this is finished, I’m hoping to sell my designer bargello quilt to help out and perhaps buy more material. I’ve recently learned that designer patterns are also a potential business endeavor.

Shampoo bars

24. June 2018 grooming, therapies 0
Re-purposing used soap is an intriguing hobby of mine. I’m enjoying do-it-yourself coffee scrub bars. The latest batch, shampoo balls, used glycerin soap, coconut, almond and vanilla ‘Dead Sea’ bath salt. A bit of tinkering; this turned out better using stove top simmering heat and a portable mixer. Instead of alcohol, I used witch hazel ...

Grief relievers

20. June 2018 health, therapies 0
I was feeling awfully sad and sensitive during the week of June 20th. Even the most comical movie I’ve ever seen only lasted for two days worth of relief. Rat Race (Wikipedia link) gave me uncontrollable belly laughs again; I peed. Laughing was a temporary fix and probably wouldn’t define it as depression. Well okay, ...

Too happy

18. February 2018 therapies 0
I’m studying bipolar and personality disorders. Was expecting to help improve a situation. Ran across an article on bpHope that adds to my confusion. You know what I’m thinking in 2019? Forget my help. It may take years to figure out what helps and what hinders the road to recovery. “Personal integrity is essential for ...