Scented ideas

27. November 2017 therapies 0
Putting cats among lit candles can be a recipe for disaster. I’ve found some notable solutions to aroma therapy. Instead of lit candles, a mixture of baking soda with scented oil inside a glass can fill a space with aroma. Battery operated tea lights can be used in place of candles for special effects. Chunks ...

Therapeutic Sun Days

04. October 2017 health, therapies 0
Sunshine makes my spirit brigter. Frankly, I’m not concerned about damages because sun exposure is natural heat (I don’t over do it). Vitamin D from nature, food and sunshine, is only one simple way to feel better. Conflicting information exists about so many things. I stopped listening. Rain is music to my ears. That beautiful ...

Writing relieves stress

17. September 2017 hobbies, therapies 0
Journaling brings relief from worry that causes stress. Michigan State University backs up the evidence of James Pennebaker study during the 80’s that expressive writing allows people to deal with anxiety, stress, and improves the immune system. Thanks to these observations, the field of “psychoneuroimmunology” was created to find out how expressive writing improves the ...

Rosemary facial scrub

18. August 2017 herbs, therapies 0
I was strolling though the produce isle this week and sample sniffed a rosemary plant. I brought one home and learned it’s not cold hardy. I’ll have to acclimate it as an indoor resident. Here’s a link for a Rosemary Sugar Scrup to try later.