30. October 2020 wisdom 0
Growing up in my early twenties, I had to move back home temporarily. Shortly afterward we had one of those ‘don’t care where you go long as it ain’t here’ moments. Yeah, my disposition got adjusted. So I headed out in the dark wondering where, what, and when. Bewildered, I sat in my car pouting ...

Now We Know

02. September 2020 health, wisdom 0
Highlights Authorities find 123 missing children in just ONE day during a Michigan sex trafficking operation… How did you think it would end? Left want riots video… Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Neffe von JFK) beim “Fest für Freiheit und Frieden”, Berlin (NMTV Mitschnitt)… Don’t believe what the news tells you. California is ...


05. July 2020 wisdom 0
Yet, there are people who like controlling what others are doing. [...] instead of focusing on life. Nature, the great escape.


24. May 2020 kindness, wisdom 0
Writing is therapeutic. It helps sort out solutions. To keep life simple, some of my journals are protected. Perhaps one day we will laugh at own mistakes as well as to have learned from others.