This is a fundraising campaign to offset the cost of being a full-time caregiver, babysitter, mother and grand-mom. The two grands I’m responsible for are two and five. Daughter works second shift. She’s paid biweekly.

Update 2019

As of December 20th, the son-in-law is unwelcome here. Ro’s ranted since Wednesday over doing without. Our daughter mentioned switching shifts so a child sitter wouldn’t be necessary. This is disturbing. Sleep, rest deprived? Third shift? Hey grandpa, she’s right about this on demand milk and junk food theory. There’s sibling rivalry problems too; possibly linked to an eating disorder. Now can we pretend to be civilized adults?


Yes, I’m energetic. I’m currently seeking jobs to accommodate and compliment my own disorders. Please let me escape! Life gets awfully dysfunctional around here—scapegoating is abnormal. Correcting a misconstrued opinion demands intervention from above. Is time meaningful? If keep-sake memories are worth holding on to, think about life itself.

Sell something

Vintage glass collection


High-quality collection of rare specimen

Techie Buff

I’m still an information technologies specialist. Was expecting to become a business consultant for open source software. How may I help you? Perhaps I shall solve technical issues with name your price fees.

Meanwhile, donations are welcome here. Have a wonderful life!