19. February 2021 kindness, wisdom 0

Blame it on a chemical imbalance, lost sleep, amusement or your parents. Dysfunctional thinkers are destined for trouble. Low expection offers meaningless results; a mean-girl mentality on steroids. Tripolar, bipolar personality disorders are lame excuses to cling to. Of course it’s real. Jealousy, envy and strife are real too. Rage on with crippled minded thinking or stop. Overthink really can’t be so difficult to control. Is it?

My daughter mentioned a dysfunctional computer. Since I’m a geek, I volunteered to fix it. It’s fixed. Too bad a fit was pitched over minor details to make it functional. Ok! So it’s transformed into a dual-boot Linux system along with Windows 10. Nothing from nothing leaves something. I’ve since learned quite a few things with some things I wish I didn’t know.

Afterwards, resentment spewed out with one-sided communication. My conclusion: I suggested a babysitting exchange that turned a low-budget object into a chit storm. Funny how being deprived makes some of us appreciate. It makes no difference to be criticized for having abilities. The ability to explore, to try something new, to fail without remorse is a wonderful adventure. Being hated for no other purpose is nothing new.

When does a parent conclude that we’ve probably failed at parenting skills? We don’t. Offsprings are simply individuals making decisions. Good ones or bad ones, free-will is amazing. Being trustworthy is far more amazing.

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