Empty promises

23. February 2020 wisdom 0

Knowing history prevents the insanity of repeating harsh sequels. Consequently, communist China is where citizens are flogged for not wearing masks; information sharing is risky. Today a Marxist is on TV trying to convince me that socialism solves economic problems. The idiot fails to mention the part where freedom, incentives, lacking empowerment is causing suffering.

Political candidates pushing a free-for-all robin-hood culture insult my intellect. Likewise, I’m convinced the idea of steeling from the rich makes Bernie Sanders for POTUS popular among primitive thinkers. Difficulties have tested my character too—not a valid reason to blame wealthy people.

“[…]Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) [knows] that if he doesn’t pull out South Carolina with a big win, he’s pretty much toast. First, he didn’t appear to know what state he was in. Unfortunately for him, that’s not unusual. Then he told folks at a campaign event that he’d been responsible for the Paris Climate Accord and that he met with Deng Xiaoping on it to pressure China to comply with it. Deng Xiaoping died 23 years ago in 1997 and had nothing to do with the Paris Accord which was signed in 2016″ (Conservative Resurgence, 2020).

The Dark Angel


Under socialism, people can own property. However, wealth is community “owned and managed by a democratically elected government” Pruitt (2019). Imagine that! Trusting a government to do the right thing has historically been problematic. On a brighter note, the Trump Administration is boosting the economy. Corruption exposed, people should be grateful.

The Clairon Project headline reads, “Bernie Sanders Proposes Taking Money From Israel, Giving it to Terrorists” believable:

Even if Sanders wanted to give the money directly to the people, short of standing on the street corner himself and doling out dollars bills, the money would still go to Hamas. The terror organization has a history of taking over  aid organizations (including those from the UN) in Gaza.

Documentation of these facts is irrefutable. Moreover, they are certainly facts of which Bernie Sanders is well aware.


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