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Occasionally I’m just an expendable family member. Maybe I was put here to be a scapegoat. Here’s a prime example of that. Folks get frustrated. When things go wrong, the weak-minded blame somebody for it. Now it makes no sense to the goat, however. Belittled goats wander off to the great beyond and are never missed again. Really?

Not really! In reality, people are missed. Siblings mature by learning from regrets. Partners will find ways to control mad fits if we choose to. Meanness bites us in our own butts. I know this from personal experience.

Someone I’ll always care about was brutally deceived. She’s being judged harshly for being exposed to idiots. Personality is an acquired trait, however. Even so, the Lord uses whom He chooses. Might ruffle some feathers too. Family (current) has always been judgemental. There are valid reasons for that. Conventional wisdom is foolishness with the living God, nevertheless.

Last week DSS showed up out of the blue to check on the grands. Educated guess: My daughter’s ex expects to make her life extremely miserable. The kids are doing great. Here’s a piece of wisdom: Split for good this time girl. Find friendlier friends. Your sanity will thank you. Your kids will thank you. Real folks who care about your well-being will surely appreciate that. God bless!

Heaven help us. Family thought it was me who calling social services. The neighbors maybe? After all, there was frustration hollering, mad fits too. Thankfully, this is the country life. There’s no noise ordinance. The four year old has screaming fits if she can’t get catered to immediately. Drop everything and cater by golly. Imagine that. Being human. Nevertheless, I am sure the neighbors didn’t call.

No sense pretending to be perfect in an imperfect world. There are no perfect solution except to cooperate with these authorities and mainly put all our trust in God above. I recall a phone conversation my daughter and I had last month. She said, “I’m coming back home. That basturd threatened to… blah, blah, blah.’ Well, I didn’t call DSS. Your ex did!

I’ll probably get a request to remove this therapeutic blog post. Family values privacy. Frankly, the truth is refreshing, especially since there’s nothing we have done to be ashamed of. Now you know. Maybe I will. Maybe not: Everyone needs reality checks.


“You’re just not that precious to me.” What? A follower of Jesus sees potential in people. If we prefer to be like Johah thinking we can pick and chose for our Savior, we’re wrong. Specifically people we don’t actually know. Understand this, considering what Jesus endured to save our souls, stop judging folk by rumors you’ve heard. Stop thinking you know what’s best for a son, a daughter, sister, brother, or a partner. Thank you and you’re welcome.

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    Express Yourself on June 14, 2022 Reply

    Makes no difference who called the DSS. Everyone was once a child.

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