Love enemies

30. March 2022 therapies 0

There is a command our Lord gave that is often misunderstood. Those who belong to the heavenly realm will love one another including our enemies. “Love your enemies,” Jesus said and “Be good to those who curse you.” Kindness is serious resource. Self respect is involved because too many will choose bitterness from trivial interactions even for a lifetime. Furthermore, self care can prevent self destruction.

Being our worst enemy is never forgiving ourselves. Being our own enemy is never seeing the brighter side and never forgetting what occurred yesterday. Depression is real. Yet, choosing a dark state of mind allows self pity to devour the soul.

Understanding how a depressed loved one would choose to hate their self has left me speechless. I’d prefer to avoid ’em like a plague hoping it’s not contagious. Oh but emotions are highly contagious; bad attitudes have caused a whole lot of friction. Then it’s also complicated to fathom what exactly strongholds can do to a mentality.

Just another addict

Last week, another drug addict had a funeral. Perhaps it helps to consider natural causes. Years of self abuse causes the bodily functions to self-destruct. Knowing the Holy Bible Scriptures, natural causes cannot ease the grief.

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