04. August 2019 therapies 0
Personal appearance helps maintain self love. Eyebrows fade with age. Tinting brows naturally is simple for a barista. Click the image above to continue.


26. June 2019 kindness 0
Amazing how stress interferes with potential. My ability to finish things is under personal scrutiny today. After proofreading some of what I’ve written, it’s clear that my ability to write for others is laughable. I can only try pleasing myself; very useful for drafts and practical purposes. Where can I possibly find a smile today? ...

Self sufficient

Relying on other people for *character can be disappointing. As a child, I wandered the woods for solitude. Quality time has developed my individuality—personality is what I struggled with. Then, I felt unimportant. Today, I’m still unimportant. The main difference is the developed sense of myself. One of my peers went so far as to ...