Baking Soda Scrub

09. September 2018 grooming 0
Using plain, dry baking soda as a gentle scrub releases pores, oil and dirt from the skin. This is a simple remedy used by at least one cosmetic company as a primary ingredient ‘facial scrub’. The discovery is not a new idea, actually. For oily skin, the gentle scrub tightens my pores. The sensation is ...

Addiction therapies

09. September 2018 kindness, parenting 4
Today is Sunday; I’m recovering from the flu or seasonal allergies. No need to see a doctor. However, I am not sleeping well. Having trouble getting a niece out of mind. About ten years ago, she influenced two very young loved ones through drugs, alcohol, lewd repulsive… pedophile secrets. Probably believes my reaction is mute. ...

Bargello quilt progress

02. September 2018 careers, therapies 0
Auto and home repairs are sucking the life out of our funds. Once this is finished, I’m hoping to sell my designer bargello quilt to help out and perhaps buy more material. I’ve recently learned that designer patterns are also a potential business endeavor.

Shampoo bars

24. June 2018 grooming, therapies 0
Re-purposing used soap is an intriguing hobby of mine. I’m enjoying do-it-yourself coffee scrub bars. The latest batch, shampoo balls, used glycerin soap, coconut, almond and vanilla ‘Dead Sea’ bath salt. A bit of tinkering; this turned out better using stove top simmering heat and a portable mixer. Instead of alcohol, I used witch hazel ...