23. October 2020 hobbies, kindness 1
The other day I finished my bargello quilt. It took nearly six years to do this. That’s the day I pitched perfection out the window. I had two days in a row of me time to do something meaningful. Quilted on an ordinary brother machine and the border is on it too. A few flaws ...


06. October 2020 Uncategorized 1
Last night our pet Skieter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She started getting sick a week ago. The hair became clumpy across her spine and it was impossible to remedy the extreme hair balls. Skieter was nine years old. From 2012:

Now We Know

02. September 2020 health, wisdom 0
Highlights Authorities find 123 missing children in just ONE day during a Michigan sex trafficking operation… How did you think it would end? Left want riots video… Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Neffe von JFK) beim “Fest für Freiheit und Frieden”, Berlin (NMTV Mitschnitt)… Don’t believe what the news tells you. California is ...