23. October 2020 hobbies, kindness 1
The other day I finished my bargello quilt. It took nearly six years to do this. That’s the day I pitched perfection out the window. I had two days in a row of me time to do something meaningful. Quilted on an ordinary brother machine and the border is on it too. A few flaws ...


06. October 2020 pet therapy 1
Last night our pet Skieter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She started getting sick a week ago. The hair became clumpy across her spine and it was impossible to remedy the extreme hair balls. Skieter was nine years old. From 2012:

Saline solution

09. July 2020 therapies 0
Couple days ago I was out shopping. Just had to see one of those high-powered magnifying mirrors out of curiosity. Yikes! Scary things are going on; neglected. So, I brought this thing home and it is clearly obvious why the price was so cheap. Stickers! Those stickers needed a solvent with baking soda to scrub ...


08. July 2020 education, health 0
My youngest grandson, Wygee, is nearly six. He’s been watching a whole lot of Yellow Bird on YouTube lately. I’m Gammy but you can call me Dunum. Yeah, leave it all up to a bad grand’ma to let YouTube babysit; you know you have to keep the peace. Yellow Bird changed their name to Orange ...