Crochet Windmill

23. April 2019 hobbies 0
Twenty-eight years ago I received my March, 1991 issue of Decorative Crochet. Much to my delight, I ran across it today. A little crinkled but that’s okay. The Windmill pattern is still legible: Optical Illusion by Maumi Sato pages 10, 11.

Lucid Dream

22. April 2019 health 0
A few years ago, there was an app called Lucid Dreaming, Dream Journals, that encouraged users to record nightly dreams. There was also Dream Share (2012). Write your dreams down. Set your intent: What do you want to dream about before you go to sleep? Dream-Induced Lucid Dreaming (DILD). … Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD). … ...

Rebatch Soap

22. April 2019 hobbies 0
If YouTuber’s make a point with less rambling their ratings could soar. People may have no time for trivia. I’m focused on soap rebatching today. Even if it’s just store bought scraps, the process is improving. It’d be nice to invest in some clear melt and pour someday. Meanwhile, these YouTube demonstrations with those who ...


08. February 2019 careers, therapies 0
Working on an eBook as a self-publisher is therapy. Using Sigil, Calibre, LibreOffice, these three open source tools are amazing. Writing is therapeutic! So far, the progress is going very well. I’m managing backup copies including progress with a bulleted list of notes. Learning to use the tools, tips, and features is good for my ...