10. April 2020 wisdom 0

Watching selective YouTube channels makes sense. Specifically, the news coverage that mainstream fails to mention is often covered by You-tuber’s. This entry highlights the importance of being aware. Evil is disgusting, yet ignorance is unwise.

Voter Fraud

My reaction realizing we’re all being lied to by CNN, MSN, and fake news is mixed. It’s annoying that news junkies are misled. What make sense to me is gibberish to others. Busy people seldom look elsewhere for truth. Online fact checking is also deceptive. Connect the dots, read between the lines, the obvious is that too many ‘journalists’ have an agenda that is hellbent on deception. Who’s pulling their strings?

Rachael Maddow cried over President Trump

We should be asking ourselves why. People must question the rewards, the risks, our enemies. News networks are being sued for spreading intentional lies. Journalists know the risks they’re taking. Let’s go figure it out.

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