Too happy

18. February 2018 therapies 0
I’m studying bipolar and personality disorders. Was expecting to help improve a situation. Ran across an article on bpHope that adds to my confusion. You know what I’m thinking in 2019? Forget my help. It may take years to figure out what helps and what hinders the road to recovery. “Personal integrity is essential for ...

Weight gain

03. August 2017 health 0
The medicine I’m taking is causing water retention and swelling. I’m 30 pounds over the ideal weight. That extra load is not helping with aches and pains. Now it’s foot pain, wrist and neck… What to do? I’ll sleep on it. I’ve heard that helps. People can lose weight while they’re sleeping. Maybe it’s because ...

Cannabis Culture

24. February 2017 cannabis 0
See page 33 for article on reclassifying cannabis: Federal Court Judge to Decide Whether Cannabis Criminalization is Constitutional (Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director). Use the Esc (escape) key to exit full screen mode.