27. April 2021 careers, parenting, wisdom 0

Growing up with less taught me to appreciate abundant playfulness. Today, I’m not financially wealthy. I’m not even working and still being blessed daily by making the best of what I have to play with. Been out of the work force for a decade and hope to chime in without being rooted out so soon. Have you got any skills? Well yeah, I’m pretty good at pissing people off. Okay then, I didn’t belong there. Next!

Babysitting the two grands has minimal financial rewards. Lately the daughter became so agitated with me. Perhaps I’m to blame for all her mistakes; the scapegoat. However, the unconditional motherly love is nearly expired. I know better than that.

Since evil is abundant, the Holy Scriptures warns us that ‘the love of many will wax cold’. The Lord Jesus is speaking about the end of days in Matthew 24:12. Fortunately, my mother set me straight about suicide long before I turned twelve. This was over a frustrated baby-mad-fit I had; expecting empathy. What she said sticks today. Mom explained no pardon for suicide. It cannot be forgiven. If you want to forfeit Heaven then

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