Self proclaimed therapist

12. June 2019 kindness 0

Learning from experience, I consider myself to be a self-made therapist. This is my focus to be the best adviser to self as possible. You as a reader should consider yourself fortunate to run across such a mindful individual as that. It is uncommon, a rare and unusual class of people. As in having developed a mature confidence as well as the unselfish ability to share without expectation.

A few people I’ve known were jealous. Others were imitators. Very few original free thinkers existed because the rule book wouldn’t allow it. Why do you suppose that is? Here’s my analogy. 1) Some have no sense of self guidance. No meaningful purpose. I’ve been there myself in allowing others to make me feel like I’ll never be good enough. Gratefully, this is easily corrected. 2) Being humbled makes a person develop deeper thoughts. Yet, too much effort, as in overthinking, trying too hard to please people has deterred discovering my true self. These are a few things that stifle creativity.

People do need company. Good or bad, we learn from it, sometimes getting inspired by human interaction. The solution I’ve found is to characterize myself as someone to be proud of. Looking back to share my expertise on the topic of ‘what in the world am I good at’ sort of thing. Well, that’s easy enough. After all, who knows me better than I do? Silly question to ask someone but honestly, we’re not all bad. By simply pondering how do I want to be remembered should suffice.

Before Prozac Medical Education: (thanks for stopping by)

So people turn to medicine, doctors, friends, loved ones for answers. All the while the answers are much closer than we think. Medicine might not always work as expected. Laughter of course is good medicine; a sunny disposition is an effort to cheer our-self up no matter what. Try it sometime.

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