Bubble Wall

Bubble Wall

Aquarium bubble wall, 20 gallon Top Fin:

Top Fin 20 gallon review

The set up was easy enough. I wanted the 35 gallon but that sold out too fast. These bubbles worked great for the first month. Not sure how to maintain it since it has slowed down a bunch. This starter kit includes a hang on back filter (HOB) and the perfect amount of accessories. No heater. I already have one just in case I need it.

I’ve recently added a sponge filter and a few aquatic live plants. So far I’ve only lost one pet in there; a rabbit snail that perhaps was three years old when I bought the pair. However, there’s a new baby rabbit snail is hiding in there somewhere. The corydora cats keep spawning although they’re likely getting sucked into the HOB filter.

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