Therapy window

17. September 2022 therapies 1
Therapy window

Plants are therapeutic to me. There’s nothing like bringing nature inside to nurture a living thing that’s thrilling. Learning to macrame is also a perk. Here’s my latest update to a therapy window:

Misting macrame bottle holder, a crochet solar power bank hanger with the sun catcher:

And here’s my kokedama fern:

Kokedama: Rabbit Foot Fern

Kokedama is the art of taking the root ball of a plant and suspending it in a mud ball. This rabbit foot fern will eventually wrap it’s furry feet around the ball.

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    Sharon on March 29, 2024 Reply

    Hey, my techie skills are still functional. That’s great news. So now I can update my latest interests:
    Baby chicks, crochet coasters, staying out of a grouchy man’s path, picking up after pets, kids. Whew! The list is long. Oh, I forgot to mention jelly making in small batches.

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