Too happy

18. February 2018 therapies 0

I’m studying bipolar and personality disorders. Was expecting to help improve a situation. Ran across an article on bpHope that adds to my confusion. You know what I’m thinking in 2019? Forget my help. It may take years to figure out what helps and what hinders the road to recovery. “Personal integrity is essential for mental health. It is hard to sell something that you don’t have” (J. Kline, 2019).

Pop a pill because a person is too happy? I’m betting the white coat pill pushers appreciate the following load of bull-oney:

Can you imagine my dilemma? If you have bipolar, then you probably can. I am too happy. I am too energized. I am manic. If I don’t do something about it now, it will get worse and turn into a mess. I will miss deadlines by working too much. It makes no sense—you would think [bla, blah, blah]” (Julie Fast, 2018; para. 6).

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