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20. June 2018 health, therapies 0

I was feeling awfully sad and sensitive during the week of June 20th. Even the most comical movie I’ve ever seen only lasted for two days worth of relief. Rat Race (Wikipedia link) gave me uncontrollable belly laughs again; I peed. Laughing was a temporary fix and probably wouldn’t define it as depression. Well okay, being broke is depressing. I’ll always appreciate heavenly help to get by. Divine guidance is always welcome here.

Watching movies is not my usual routine. Ever seen one and wished you could unsee it? Staying busy can divert grief, pain, or whatever it is I want to avoid.  Like facing something head first or even knowing what the problem is to begin with. I thought flipping through movie plots could be a light bulb moment in finding fresh ideas. So, I watched The Dressmaker; Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, and Liam Hemsworth are the main characters. It can be summed up with childish bullying and revenge. The bullies never really grew up. The setting occurred in the 1950’s era. Fiction. The most amusing scene, I believe, is a poorly designed wedding dress that made a lady resemble a fat cow.

Here’s what’s making me sad, perhaps:

  • I’m feeling someone’s anguish, frustration, and blues and can’t figure out whom or how to help (including myself).
  • I’m shy of funds.
  • I miss Mom. She was my earthly cheering squad, support and confidant. Now I only have myself and this here blog to sort it out.

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