Addiction therapies

09. September 2018 kindness, parenting 4
Today is Sunday; I’m recovering from the flu or seasonal allergies. No need to see a doctor. However, I am not sleeping well. Having trouble getting a niece out of mind. About ten years ago, she influenced two very young loved ones through drugs, alcohol, lewd repulsive… pedophile secrets. Probably believes my reaction is mute. ...

Loving the unlovable

07. December 2017 kindness 0
A very difficult thing to do is to love our enemies. From human perspectives, hatred is abundant. But why? Deal with it. People are flawed. I am flawed, you are flawed, we all flawed. Trying to accomplish ‘agape’ love on our own terms can make a flaw fester. Flaws make us individuals. The best solution ...

Bipolar relatives

13. August 2017 health, kindness, therapies 3
I guess we all have a tendency to get loony occasionally. We all susceptible to getting ill too. I’ve noticed laid back passive people can get awfully ill when they’re pushed too far into a corner. Imagine holding back all the irritants until it must explode in bursts of energy. Saving up. I wouldn’t want ...


24. February 2017 kindness 0
Let’s assume everyone has the potential to demonstrate kindness. We’re all equipped with the ability to be honest, trustworthy, individuals regardless of the circumstances. Just so the world can be a more blissful, tolerable, place to exist. This is expected. People are not born tyrants. Positive attitudes toward others brings out all our best qualities.