This fundraising campaign was a learning experience to offset the cost of being a full-time caregiver, babysitter, mom and grand-mom. The campaign has ended. Today I’m hoping to find a much better way to supplement limited resources.

Back to normal

Here’s a successful air-layering endeavor:

Can you identify this? No cones, not a conifer?


Well, at least I’m energetic. Must be all that coffee I’m so fond of. Nice to entertain the idea of entrepreneurship or have a steady pay check. As an entrepreneur, I could accommodate and compliment personal disorders. Even when life gets dysfunctional for a child-sitting grandma, knitting is only one butt-sitting responsibility.

Sell something?

Vintage glass collection anyone?


High-quality collection of rare driftwood.

Techie Buff

I’m an information technologies specialist. Was expecting to be a business consultant for open source software. May I help someone with that? Perhaps solving technical issues with name your price fees. Never was good at pricing my own credentials. But I did learn that businesses don’t mind paying big money for tax deductions. Hey, at least they know which way their money went.

Play nicely. Have a lovely life!