Coffee hair

11. September 2018 grooming 0

Coffee has beneficial oils to give hair a shiny tint when applied directly. Delighted to haveĀ  discovered using up this cooled down coffee brew. It tinted my virgin hair as a free bonus. Imagine what it does for porous mane. Virgin hair is not chemically processed. There’s no bleach, dyes, or perm waves. When my hair was chemically processed, hard water gave the ends damaged ombre, two-tone, effects. So, I chopped it off. Grew a new batch.

It was fairly simple to pour a dab of cold brewed coffee into a cup, dip fingers in and… ah, just pour it on over dry hair. Using old brown towels absorbed the drippings. If the towel ain’t brown, it will be permanently stained afterwards. The stylist applicator brush is making it easier to apply.


Coffee and tea grounds are amazing soil amendments.

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