Beach hair

11. August 2019 kindness 1

Here is a 2019 version of do-it-yourself beach waves. This was accomplished with braids and the Acid perm (under $8). Using what’s already in my tool kit, a few perm rods and a moment to myself was beneficial. I’m no stranger to what low self-esteem can do. Kind ‘a wonder if appearance helps or hinders. How silly! Gain strength through confidence. Feel better whatever it takes so everything works out fairly well. Simplicity worth remembering.

Life ain’t all about us individually. What do you think about that? Leave a comment below.

DIY acid perm from Sally's under $8.
Beach wave perm

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    me on August 11, 2019 Reply

    Beach wavy hair with braids and a perm. The perm makes hair porous and just enough to absorb tints without extremes. Subtle improvement. Maybe the kid won’t notice anything but an improvement.

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