22. December 2019 education, wisdom 0

Ah the feeling of empowerment, hands-on learning is phenomenal. Retrieving experience for later with something to look forward to. Something to wake up for, something meaningful.

I’m already a caregiver. Unpaid of course yet the rewards are personal. Similar to my mother-in-law, Juan, whom I love and appreciate, we enjoy our indoor landscape with our favorite houseplant scenery. Only difference between us, she gets outdoors in the garden whereas I’m a laid-back type. Learned from experience that gardening outdoors comes with a high cost of time, money, with abundant trial and errors.

Juan has such a kind and generous spirit. She shares proceeds of propagated end-of-season florets with me (or anyone willing to tackle ’em). It’s amusing how she raises these monstrous plants and says, “Do you want some plants?” A few treasures: Thank you Juan! Gosh I love that woman.

Norfolk Island Pine
Brugmansia: Angel’s Trumpets

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