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The other day I finished my bargello quilt. It took nearly six years to do this. That’s the day I pitched perfection out the window. I had two days in a row of me time to do something meaningful. Quilted on an ordinary brother machine and the border is on it too. A few flaws makes it a perfectly finished work of art!

Hand quilted on brother sewing machine standard

Decided to do some beading afterwards. Couldn’t find my readers so I searched and found some more cool things to do next. Today out of the blue, my sister sent me a whole bunch of fancy reading glasses. Didn’t even mention my situation to anyone but I did say a prayer. She’s precious!

independent journalism

Here’s where I’ve spent too much time: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Why? Trouble is brewing. Observers have noticed CCP (Chinese Communist Party) censorship notably to silence free thought. That is how socialism works. Wise free thinking patriots are anonymous to be safe. Wicked folk are going after everything and anything that is good in life.

As Tim Pool mentions in his vlog, TIMCAST, mainstream news is not news. It’s not even journalism. Personally, I can’t trust what NPR, CNN, MSN, NBC, ABC and other sources are pushing because their attitude bit the dust. Please watch God is bigger than all your problems, DO NOT WORRY, Angel Network. The TIMCAST rant is below it.

Lively hope


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    In Season on October 25, 2020 Reply

    BTW, when I say a little prayer like this, it is silent, non-verbal; the Lord knows the hearts. Have a wonderful day.

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