Aquatics Hobby

28. August 2021 therapies 0
Aquatics Hobby

My recent intrigue began with a single glo fish survivor that I named Tourquois. Tourki spent four years in a ten gallon nano aquarium that’s running out of space. Recently added three mollies, two cory’s, and oops, a common pleco. The algae problem was solved by the plecostomus. Now I’ve learned the common pleco is supposed to get large.

Glofish inspired:

I’ve owned a few aquariums before. Simply gave up over time consumption, expense, as well as heart-felt human error. The bubble-eye goldfish was a most friendly favorite pet. Nevertheless, we live and learn from mistakes. Here are some benefits to aquatics: Koller Products (

This planned aquatic expansion will be a small scale with live plants. Molly babies, simply a nano tank to raise the offspring. It’ll be simple and situated where a child can be observed. Two months ago my granddaughter got into the gecko vivarium at 3 am. She grabbed Brisco. He bit her finger, lost his tail, the cat was in on it. The tail’s growing back nicely. Lesson learned! This kid’s wild!

Brisco, a young Leopard Gecko twelve years ago.

Another reason to get back into the aquarium hobby… YouTubers make it so enticing. However, I’m still needing a bed to sleep in (they’re all taken). The cats want one too.

Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy binge watching people like Foo The Flowerhorn on YouTube waiting for my serendipity moment to arrive to purchase an affordable aquatic nano tank similar to this. My ship ‘ll come in eventually. Simply looking forward to a bathroom renovation project being completed in the future. Live is great! Enjoy your day!


I’ve purchased a hexagon twenty gallon nano tank from PetSmart. Waited two weeks to figure out what to do with it. Hexagon aquarium stands are all unavailable. Even if they was plentiful, I seriously doubt I could afford one. Then three days ago as I was prepping for a power nap it dawned on me. The sturdy open shelf Ro’ made years ago is perfect.

The pleco probably killed the pretty sailfin mollies. The local pet store gave me a discount for an exchange. Here’s the progress. Tourquois the glofish survivor and the two cory catfish are thriving. There’s eggs on the glass. Perhaps we will get some fish babies eventually.


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