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21. February 2018 education 0

I was considering creating a private auction for my estimated 8′ tall Ponytail Palm (beaucarnea recurvata). This specimen is 31 years old. I planted 3 seeds in miniature containers. Two thrived. I’m a florist by hobby. Both specimens are the same age.

Ponytail palms
Thirty one years old.

Home improvement crisis funds are needed. I’m not thrilled about parting with this. It’s a family heirloom. Been with me nearly half my life. The kitties use the tall boy for a climbing tree.

The goal for this tree is $30, 000. This is my two-man bonsai treasure. That’s $1K for each year of it’s life. The background specimen is not for sale.

Ron threw the 3rd palm at me before we got married. It broke off. I thought it was a loss so it got pitched into the compost heap. Years of expertise with this species has demonstrated that one would’ve survived with patience.

By the end of the summer 2018, Tall Boy may need reshaping to get through the door. Of course, things that are not sentimental can go first. Like this Panasonic KX-TGE233 cordless answering system. A landline phone system with three handsets. Call block up to 250 numbers with it. I’ve enjoyed it. No longer needed. Still in the box.

The Panasonic phone system can be yours for $50 plus shipping. Here are the operating features for it: Instruction Manual KX-TGE233(PDF). Amazon is selling this for $90. Fifty dollars cash in hand works for me (if you’re local).

Funny how planning to part with this tree makes me appreciate it more. Perhaps home repair funds will have to wait until I get rid of the things I no longer need or use. Meanwhile, here’s a view of the kitty cat lounge:

Sunny view
The kitty cat lounge.

Ron needs medicine refills.¬†We’re broke after vehicle maintenance. Laugh if you want but the bedroom carpet has dirt piles in it. The floor sags.


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