24. June 2018 wisdom 0

My all-in-one desktop kept overheating. It shut off randomly right in the middle of something. I put it into storage for about a year and relied on the Linux operating system. I took it out of storage about a year later. Much to my surprise, it worked great except for two weeks of a never-ending Windows update cycle. Then my grandson came along and played around with the touch screen while I wasn’t looking. It zapped again. Frankly, I was relieved. Goodbye Microsoft; hello Linux.

Linux KDE is ran fine for a long time. Then the shut-down problem started again. Since this is an all-in-one system, I cannot get the LED screen apart to access the fan. I’ve tried unsuccessfully more than once. I think it might be glued on there. Solution: Using my blow dryer on a cool setting, the vents got a good blow out. I’ve also loaded two temperature widgets. This is a temporary fix. I’m using a portable fan too.

One Obstacle Down

Writing a book will be a lonely career. Great! I’ve been aiming for that goal for years. Loneliness is bliss. My age keeps me from having a ‘real job’. Health also prevents me from working like a mule. Yet I have no complaints. Of course, funds are slim. But, they were not always limited. Creativity has always kicked in gear when my food supply was lowest.

“We now live in a world where we’re connected to everything except ourselves.” (Zat Rana, 2018)


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