Massage therapy

05. March 2017 health, massage 0
At least one thing I’ve learned from yogi studies is self-massage. A bulky Shiatsu massage gadget is practically being useless for years. Eventually figured out it can be used comfortably on a pillow stack. Yogi’s put tennis balls into a sock. That works for portability. The electronic massager makes subtle winding noises. If the noise ...


01. March 2017 health 0
Yoga is one of many physical therapies. It is a way to communicate with our body. When there is pain, for instance, the body says to take it easy, pamper yourself, keep going and gently work out the sore spots. In spite of religious hoopla over yoga’s ancient origin, self-awareness during physical activities is a ...


24. February 2017 health 0
Boost self-control: Scientifically proven ways to boost self-control (procrastinate). According to the author, Belle Beth Cooper, procrastination is a major boost. For example, sleep deprivation deters efficiency. Take a nap and expect improvements.