Health problems

27. July 2017 health 0

How to be fruitful in poor health: Sleep disturbances, anxiety, painful joints, swollen knees, my fingers feel like bee stings and I have respiratory concerns (breathing is improving). It is the simple-minded folk who can’t wait to judge others for having a good day. For instance, I read the Rants & Raves in my local newspaper; a place for the locals to vent anonymously. Someone was grieving over handicapped parking spaces that are being used by people who don’t look crippled enough. Amusing, huh?

Age discrimination has been a career-wise personal experience of mine. People can be predictable; perhaps the problem was me. I expect more of this; don’t mind the challenges, however. Ideally, people with handicaps can still figure out a self-reliant livelihood. Writing a book, hobbies, or a special talent, of course there is something unique to focus on. For instance, I have knack for patio and indoor horticulture because odd plants, florals, and herbs are one of my fascinations.

Holistic healing is self-help for the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. I’ve discovered this to be more effective than what medical doctors can do. Meanwhile, coffee, aspirin, and sunshine are more pleasant than prescriptions. Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium topical) is a prescribed relief that is helping.

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