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29. March 2024 hobbies, knits 1

This is a new forum I ran across today. I’m very rusty on my techie skills. Technologies are complicated and always being updated. Not a problem here. So about this Forum…

Here’s a quickie link to the new stitch I ran across on Instagram. It’s the
Sequins Stitch Crochet pattern. That’s over at Knitting Paradise and the link opens a new tab:

Thank you | My pleasure.

Here’s another free pattern that may be on my next agenda:
The Birds Bag (thank you Agyness) and I’m impressed with your designer skills.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to finish this up eventually. Pet hairs are exploding everywhere, pup’s eating plastic toys, the kid is saying, “I need help picking this up.” I’m thinking ‘you are such a lazy child’. May we learn to help one another pleasantly and laugh someday soon. Have a nice day.

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