26. June 2019 kindness 0

Amazing how stress interferes with potential. My ability to finish things is under personal scrutiny today. After proofreading some of what I’ve written, it’s clear that my ability to write for others is laughable. I can only try pleasing myself; very useful for drafts and practical purposes. Where can I possibly find a smile today?

I’m on vacation from responsibilities this week. Yes, on the looking out for anyone pulling up the driveway with children. Amazing how three quadruples noise and confusion. Ah the excitement, their fervency for exploring. Finding things I didn’t know I had.

Grand pappy’s phone keeps ringing but he’s not taking calls. Nobody in their right mind talks while sleeping. Grand ma’ is not waking him up either. Reason being, the man had problems falling asleep last night. Described a shoulder cramp coming from the upper left quad. We fell asleep after 3:00 am.

Oops! Too late, I’ve started doing something productive. Here’s the grands. One of ’em is running through the house with a diaper in her hand. She’s sure proud of that one. The other two are out there bickering over a bike. Whew! They’re really just natural comedians without even trying.

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