02. August 2019 kindness 0

There’s something attractive about long, shiny, curly hair waves. Ladies have spent a fortune paying a stylist to achieve that goal. Fortunately, I’ve learned to be frugal from disappointment. Time is never wasted after learning from an experience. The results of a curling wand: Priceless.

To achieve lasting waves, a heat wand must get very hot for resistant hair. Picture on a foggy morning with straight out of bed hair and obviously without primping. The look was achieved with a Remington Pro Pearl with a 1/2″ to 1″ barrel. Best advice I can offer is practice unplugged before using. Heat setting of 410 °F is mighty hot. Jewelry is super soft. I’m removing my jewelry to prevent an accident.

The effect below was accomplished with a Conair Infinity steam waver. What gives these waves the ability to last through a rain storm is heat up to 437 °F. Yep, frizz is okay but not bouncy compared to curly waves.

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