Smoking or vaping

15. May 2017 health 2

Obviously, smoking hinders arthritis pain by causing swelling, inflammation, and dehydration. Nicotine is considered to be a serious addiction with negative consequences. My smoking habit started years ago. The smoke is fascinating to me. Vaping worked for a month or two; asthma improved tremendously. But, I got aggravated and went back to the curly smoke trails. It gave me an excuse to take a break and forget about the irritants. There are emotional benefits considering that forgetting what the problem was to begin with can be beneficial; positive emotions add up.

Life was blissful whenever I kicked the tobacco habit addiction. When the going gets tough, I crave cigarettes. Nicotine seems to relieve problems of over-thinking. Another observation: Tobacco keeps me alert. When I need to sleep, however, it’s easy to forget that sleepy, relaxing sensation.

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    Season on July 29, 2017 Reply

    The FDA has finally recognized that e-cigarettes (vaping) is better than smoking… “those looking to make the switch to e-cigarettes to kick the habit can do so without the fear that their chosen alternative might be regulated out of existence” (Yahoo! News July 28, 2017). Read the article here.

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    Season on July 29, 2017 Reply

    The FDA is planning on cutting nicotine levels in traditional cigarettes. Read more here.

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