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13. February 2022 health, kindness 0

Today’s inbox message for everyone:

Become an Ambassador of Kindness
Dear Friend,  

Our culture has become contaminated and saturated with hatred, racism, meanness and a host of other expressions of contempt. And like a bad virus, it’s spreading through our society.   But it’s time for kingdom people like you and me to start spreading good things, including kindness. In 2022, I am launching a national initiative called “Kindness in the Culture” to challenge believers to reclaim the attitude of civility that’s necessary for a peaceful and kind environment in our homes, our workplaces and our society.  

It’s time for us all to get involved in making a difference in our conversations, whether they be in our living rooms or on social media or in the public sphere. Those of us who love God should be the first to sign on to a movement for change that begins by simply practicing an act of kindness for a neighbor, a friend or a stranger.  

You and I can become ambassadors of kindness, offering a kind and respectful response to everyone we meet. Because kindness is contagious, you can affect others by the way you speak to them and the way you treat them. Let’s not be afraid to commit what someone has called “random acts of kindness.” They make a difference.   So, let’s take up the cause of spreading kindness rather than sowing discord.

Let’s take an honest look at the way we are communicating with others and make the changes we need to make. Let’s surprise someone today with an act of kindness. Let’s spread something good.   Be on the lookout for more information coming soon on our national initiative of “Kindness in the Culture” as we examine ways to increase the level of kindness in our culture.
For His kingdom,

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