Journaling for therapy

I’ve been told that writing relieves stress. It’s true. Keeping a journal creates a diversion. Writing takes the focus off aches, pains, and even grief when the symptoms are mild. I have osteoarthritis. Sometimes even sitting is painful. Body cramps can take a lot of effort and creativity to ease up. Ice packs are my friend.

Playtime is indeed a fine strategy to relieve stress. Creativity without fear of being judged is a fine way to learn. Learning from others mistakes, learning from my own mishaps, experimenting with strategies help me know what works best in my situation. Watching a YouTuber use a felting technique to make a cat dome is only one idea of playtime, for instance. That’s amusement!

Betty Auchard, (inspiring author):
Those of us who write memoirs share our experiences with others, hoping they resonate with the reader. In the process, we rediscover who we were then and discover who we are now.