Being grateful

23. November 2018 kindness 1

Yesterday was the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday. Didn’t even realize what day it was until the coffee kicked in. The plan was to go to the in-laws. I stayed home instead. Had the whole house to myself for a change. Jamming to the tune of J. J. Cale on Pandora, the house was rocking. So, I went into cleaning mode. Later on, Ron brought me a take-home feast. My mother-in-law is a natural chef that puts any professional restaurant to shame. She’s a gifted chef indeed. Thank you Sasha! I’m grateful! I’m blessed!


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    Therapist on November 23, 2018 Reply

    Somehow it’s difficult to miss out on the opportunity to have solitude. I appreciate the ‘me time’. That’s when my creativity kicks in. Maintenance mode too. This Norfolk Island pine (a gift from my mother-in-law) should be decorated for Christmas.

    The decor is looking great! Might as well appreciate the holidays too.

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