Culinary herbs

06. July 2020 herbs 0

Container gardens can be interesting. Specially the ones with focal points. Even with sparse resources, spared clay pots, spent tea and coffee grounds can amend an area for a small project. Some species are invasive though. According to experienced growers, thyme is a prime example.

Oregano and thyme

My all-time favorite perennial herb is Greek oregano. I enjoy tying up tiny bunches to dry. Small batches can cure in two weeks. Fresh oregano is delightful too. This spring, ’20, I discovered German thyme. This variety has tiny leaves with an aroma similar to oregano. Best used fresh is my guess; although I tried leaves cooked into rice that made a savory difference.

Catnip anyone?

Finally achieved growing catnip from a seed packet. I know at least three cats that will be amused with it, myself included. Looking at so many items on encourages even more ideas. There’s a peanut looking thing that could at least use some eyes. Cats don’t mind though. Some do, some don’t care for it at all.

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